About KindleVision

Digital design agency based in Brisbane, Australia

KindleVision is a digital design, multimedia and web development agency based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2006 we have been working to grow businesses of all kinds in the online space.


Our primary mission is to support and nurture great ideas!

We do this by helping you reach and inspire your intended audience to action with beautifully-branded print media, well-constructed marketing campaigns, and pleasurable online experiences.

Led by Creative Director Kim SeniorKindleVision can assist you to connect your great idea, product or service with the people who need to know about it.

Kim @ KindleVIsion

Kim Senior

Creative Director
Kim has a varied background in digital design, editing, publishing and teaching. In the mid-90s when desktop publishing was not a curriculum option, and scanning was wizardry, she learned how to produce magazines on the small square screen of a Mac SE/30. Now with 10+ years experience in web development, she designs, develops and manages her client's online real estate, improving UX– technically, experientially and visually– to keep up with new tech and deliver real results for her clients. Kim is also an avid photographer and archivist.