6 Tips on Attracting Fans to your Facebook Business Page

 6 Tips on Attracting Fans to your Facebook Business Page

So you’ve gone ahead and made a Facebook Page for your business, but you’re disappointed to find that each time you log in, there’s still only the loneliest number saying they ‘Like this’. So what so you do? How do you start to attract potential customers/clients/fans?

Start here!

On your Personal Profile

1. Add a photo of yourself.
Most important!! People won’t think you’re real, nor want to buy from you, if your profile still has the default facebook head. Even if it’s a picture of your cat, it’s going to be better than that pale blue mugshot. If the thought of adding your photo to the internet gets you worried (or if you want to remain invisible to a particular person) check out this video on Facebook’s Privacy Settings.


2. Build up your Facebook friend base.
Since this will be your primary source of fans, it is best to have as many friends as possible. Try searching for people you know and send them a friend request. Be active and involved on Facebook by logging into and reading over the Facebook Newsfeed. Comment on other people’s posts. People like getting comments. They will remember that you took the time.


3. Suggest your Business page to your Facebook Friends.

All of them. Your friends will be your primary source of fans for your page, at least at first. For some of us, sending out a suggestion to ‘Like’ your page to all of your friends who are not yet fans once a month has worked. If you want to be more subtle about it, add enticing posts on your page’s Wall. The idea is that once your friends like your page, you will spread your page name (and what you do) through their friend networks, giving you the potential to grow your fan base exponentially.

On your Business Page

4. Post ‘something’ on your business page often.
It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be poetry. An interesting statistic. A link to an article you read that day. A new product or service listing. Your latest blog post. Mix it up. But don’t just post for the sake of it. Quality content is more valuable to your business and ranks higher than frequent ‘spammy’ messages. Finding the right frequency between too much and too little can be a matter of experimentation and how much time you have to dedicate to monitoring your Social Media. Some good ways to monitor how your page posts are performing are social media measuring tools like SproutSocial (not free but my personal favourite) or HootSuite (free).


5. Join some Groups, ‘Like’ other Pages and Comment!
One of the best ways to promote yourself in the Facebook community is to like other business pages and join some groups that are relevant to your business. This not only gets you seen on more pages than just your own, it can generate clicks (and potential leads) to your page by others with similar interests. And don’t limit yourself to Facebook, try posting on LinkedIn Group pages. I submitted my page to a Social Networking Group there and was literally inundated with friend requests.


6. Don’t forget it is your page.
Just because it is a business page, don’t lose ‘the you‘. People get involved more quickly with individuals than they do with corporations. Let them know you are a real live human being…


HOT TIP: You need to have at least 25 fans to activate your personalized URL.

http://www.facebook.com/thisisourpage is the URL for our page. Then you can start promoting yourself with this address on flyers, business cards, your website…


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