WebCare Plan Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (T&C's) apply to all WebCare Plans with KindleVision.com. To view our general Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Our WebCare T&C's are subject to occasional changes. While we make every effort to notify you– our WebCare clients– of any updates and changes when they occur, it remains the responsibility of our WebCare clients to read and understand our WebCare T&C's if engaged in a KindleVision WebCare plan.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact us at: +61 409 768 687 or via email.


1. Authorisation

Sign-up to a WebCare plan via our website, or payment of a WebCare plan invoice– issued as a result of our verbal agreement via email or phone– indicates your authorisation to proceed with the WebCare Plan as described, as the legally authorised representative of your business. By agreeing to pay the fees incurred for your selected WebCare Plan, you agree to the terms laid out below;


2. WebCare Plans

Your WebCare plan subscription entitles you– our client– to website maintenance, backups & security monitoring, plus a variety of services from us (KindleVision). With the exception of the StartUp, your WebCare plan entitles you to a number of service hours each calendar month* to use towards Graphic Design, Web Development & Content Management, Email Marketing campaigns, Social Media management, and/or WordPress training.

(* Standard=1.5hr, StandardPlus=4hrs, VIP=9hrs. See all our plans compared here.)

KindleVision uses these service hours to complete any Webcare Work Requests [WWRs] you have requested, whether via your WebCare Dashboard, by email, or over the phone. Each of these requested graphic design, website, development, content management, marketing or training tasks, and the time it takes to complete them, are tallied to your account visible via your WebCare Dashboard.

KindleVision utilises device monitoring systems that track and record actual active time spent performing work requests on our devices (Note: timesheets can be produced if/where requested). We always work as quickly and efficiently as possible and we never tally breaks.


3. WebCare Rollovers

Any service hours you don’t use this month gets credited to the next month.

If you use up all of your monthly service hours and more, and there are none remaining from the previous month to roll over, you agree to be charged for those extra hours at the end of each month (at the hourly rate of your selected WebCare plan*).

If your month's hours are consistently used up each month, we'll contact you to discuss an optional upgrade to a WebCare plan better suited to your needs.

*Visit your WebCare Dashboard to view your hourly rate and see your monthly usage charts.


4. Estimates

To receive a WebCare Work Estimate, the exact specifications of the job must be submitted via our WebCare Work Request [WWR] form via your WebCare Dashboard, or by email or phone. In some cases, a time and price estimate range may be given, based on knowledge of the task at the time of the request. Other times, while try our very best to be as accurate as possible, time frames and final costs may vary due to external and unforeseen dependencies.


5. Plan Pricing and Payment

WebCare plan payments are due on the same day each month. Online subscriptions are due on the day you signed up, whereas plan payments via invoice are issued on the first day of the month, and are due on or within 14 days, unless otherwise noted.

If your plan's available service hours (including all rolled-over hours from previous months) have been used, any additional work hours KindleVision has performed by your request are not covered by your WebCare plan. You will be billed (at your selected WebCare Plan's hourly rate) for those hours. Final fees and related expenses will be sent to you, once all tasks have been recorded and entered into your WebCare Dashboard.

You agree to not unreasonably withhold payment for your WebCare Plan. If you cannot pay the total amount you owe by the due date please contact us to arrange a payment extension, or we may have to charge you a non-refundable late payment fee of $15 (no GST is payable) or a 5% service charge (payable on all invoices overdue by 30 days).


6. Expenses

Some out-of-pocket expenses can be included in your WebCare Plan, though these may be subject to an industry-standard markup to cover time and costs involved. Any expenses expected to be above $20 will be discussed with you and potentially billed for separately, such as; 

Any web hosting fees related to your website will be billed separately. 

Out-sourced printing fees will be estimated for separately and payment arrangements made between yourself and KindleVision OR yourself and the printer.

Software subscription fees related to your website will first be authorised by you and billed for separately. 

Outsourced fees will be estimated separately (only on your authorisation).

Any expenses arising from your authorised projects, including but not limited to: photography, fonts, hi-res scanning, digital proofs, production expenses, long distance postage, travel, sales tax (when applicable), messenger services, shipping, hiring of contract writers/designers, software subscriptions, web hosting, and printing fees. Items generated in-house, such as royalty-free images from our stock collection, or colour/black & white prints, may be covered by your WebCare plan OR billed to you at a flat rate fee per item as advised by KindleVision. 


7. Approvals

We will always seek your approval before a task goes live which is why it is important to give timely feedback and communicate all final corrections as quickly as possible.

If, prior to completion of requested work, you observe any nonconformance with your original Website Work Request [WWR], you agree to promptly notify us, allowing time for all necessary corrections.

Email campaigns cannot be deployed without your (or your legal representative) approval via email.

KindleVision is not liable for any work that has been given final approved by the client and made live.


8. Completion/Delivery Dates

Any delay in the completion of a Website Work Request due to external forces beyond KindleVision's control (such as unusual transportation delays, unforeseen problems at a vendor site, computer/internet related issues, holidays, bad road conditions, etc.), or actions and negligence of the client (i.e., content delivery delays), shall entitle KindleVision to extend the completion/delivery date, upon notifying the client, by the time equivalent of such a delay.


9. Cancellations

Should circumstances change and you wish to cancel your WebCare plan subscription, you may do so at any time and are under no obligation to continue. You will be required to settle your account and pay any outstanding fees from uncovered work hours performed by KindleVision the months prior to cancellation.

Depending on the timing of your cancellation, some service hours may be credited to your account and a refund applied where applicable, at KindleVision's discretion.

If you wish to cancel we recommend at least 30 days notice to enable us time to consolidate any outstanding invoices and perform a last thorough update and backup copy of your website for our records and sent to you (if requested).


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