Social Media confusion?

social media icons

social media icons

Social media is taking the world by storm and businesses are getting on board for the many low-cost marketing opportunities on offer.

If your business has an online presence but it’s not integrated with social media, chances are you are losing valuable free publicity.

Social media can help you:

• Develop deeper relationships with your customers

• Build customer loyalty and retention

• Establish your company as the industry thought-leader

• Build your brand recognition

• Gain valuable insight into what your customers really think about your business, before it becomes too late to do anything about it

• Recruit talented employees to work for your company

Of course the use of Social Media is not for everyone. Critical to use of social networks are the matters of privacy and the general management of your online reputation. If you are concerned about how you have set up your account because you haven’t time to navigate how Facebook,  Twitter or LinkedIn stores and displays your information, KindleVision can point you in the right direction. Contact us via email for some free advice.